Leading Conservatives, Presidential Candidates Speak At CPAC Gathering

Ann Coulter gets immigration lesson from PBS host Tavis Smiley [WATCH]

The liberal talk show host questioned Coulter about claims made in her recenlty release book, including one that implies black communities would be better off if immigration problems didn't exist in the U.S.
Top-Polling GOP Candidates Participate In First Republican Presidential Debate

Ben Carson says he doesn’t want to fight Donald Trump despite challenging his immigration and religious views

The former neurosurgeon backtracked on week-long attacks made against Trump, blaming the media for instigating candidates "into gladiator fights."
Salute To FOX News Channel's Brit Hume

Fox News’ Shepard Smith calls same-sex marriage opponent Kim Davis a hypocrite, says ‘Haters are going to hate’ [WATCH]

Smith opined that Davis was putting on a publicity stunt aimed at pushing her Christian beliefs during a live broadcast of Davis' release from prison.
GOP Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Campaigns In Iowa

Poll finds Donald Trump would beat Hillary Clinton if election was held today

Trump defeated Clinton by a 45 percent to 40 percent margin in a SurveyUSA poll taken earlier this month, signaling a shift in voters' mentalities from when the real estate magnate first announced his candidacy.
Conservatives Gather For Annual CPAC Convention

Sarah Palin tells CNN immigrants should learn to ‘speak American’ [WATCH]

The former vice presidential candidate said undocumented immigrants need to be here legally "or you're out of here," adding that "the economy still sucks" under President Obama.
Vanessa Ruiz 12 News Phoenix

Latina News Anchor Upsets Arizona Viewers by Pronouncing Spanish Words Correctly, Says She Meant No Disrespect

Viewers of Arizona's NBC affiliate are upset with Vanessa Ruiz for the Spanish twist she puts on certain words, though many point out she is pronouncing the words as they're supposed to be said.
68th Session Of The United Nations General Assembly Continues

Guatemala president Otto Pérez Molina arrested on corruption charges hours after resigning, vice president sworn in

The 64-year-old former president was jailed on charges of receiving bribes in exchange for lower import taxes for companies, though his fate remains unclear.
Samsung Launches The Galaxy S 6 and Galaxy S 6 Edge In Los Angeles

Zoe Saldaña in White-House Sponsored Campaign About Sexual Assault [WATCH]

Zoe Saldaña joins other celebrities in the latest public service announcement sponsored by White House. The campaign hopes to end cases of sexual assaults.
Top-Polling GOP Candidates Participate In First Republican Presidential Debate

Ben Carson's Views: A look at the candidate's views on immigration, gun rights, women’s rights, and same-sex marriage

With little political experience and a down-to-earth campaign that appeals to conservative voters, Ben Carson has gone from soft-spoken presidential candidate to top-ranking contender.

Donald Trump's Favorite Bible Verses: Twitter Users Create hilarious #TrumpBible Hashtag as Trump Refuses to 'Get Into Specifics'

The Republican presidential candidate says his favorite book is the Bible, though he claims quoting a verse would become too personal.
Anderson Cooper 360

Jorge Ramos to Anderson Cooper: ‘This is not Donald Trump’s country, this is our country,’ says he is creating backlash for Latinos [WATCH]

Ramos defended his journalistic standards by urging reporters to "go the extra mile" in standing up to Trump and others in power.
Bill O'Reilly Talking Points

Watch: Bill O’Reilly says Jorge Ramos is a ‘zealot, advancing far-left positions that most Americans reject’

The Fox News host chided Ramos for his pro-immigration reform stance and compared it to the Black Lives Matters movement.
GOP Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Campaigns In Iowa

Jorge Ramos told to ‘Get out of my country’ by Donald Trump supporter after getting kicked out of press conference [WATCH]

Ramos spoke with ABC News and Univision Wednesday morning, elaborating on what happened backstage and immigration questions he's wanted to ask Trump.
Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria Advising President Obama on His Future Plans

Latina actress Eva Longoria is offering her advice to President Barack Obama on what he should do after his term as America’s leader ends in 2017.
GOP presidential candidate and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee

Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee Supports Denying Abortion to 10-year-old Rape Victim

Speaking on Aug. 16 with Dana Bash during an appearance for CNN’s State of the Union, the former Arkansas governor and devout Catholic Huckabee added that he supports the Paraguay government’s decision to prohibit the young girl from terminating the pregnancy.

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