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Micrograph of HIV (in Green)

HIV Cure 2013 Update: Bone Marrow Transplants Offer Promising Signs of Progress

Sometimes two small jumps are better than one big leap. That's the wisdom around the HIV Cure in 2013, as a few outlier cases of cured patients and leveling-off numbers of new infectiosn indicate a sunnier outlook as the world continues to combat the disease.

hiv cancer cure video fire with fire, dr. carl june

HIV Cure News 2013: Possible Cure Within Months of Confirmation

the disease that has plagued mankind for decades Human trials have begun on a drug that could cause HIV to be cured. one of the largest pandemics in the world,

emma fire with fire dr. june

Watch This Heartwarming Video: Using HIV to Kill a 6-Year-Old's Leukemia

Sometimes a scientific or medical breakthrough doesn't touch the public until you put a face and a name on it: This short film called "Fire with Fire," gives you Emma, a 6-year-old leukemia patient whose cancer was cured - read again: Cured. - by an experimental therapy which used a modified HIV virus to reprogram her immune system to eradicate cancerous cells.

AIDS activists take part in a rally across from the White House in Washington

AIDS Cure: Two Patients Allegedly Cured from HIV After Bone Marrow Transplants

At a Boston AIDS conference, researchers have announced that two patients affected with HIV have been virus-free after getting bone marrow transplants, weeks after stopping the use of antiretroviral drugs, the New York Times reported.


HIV Tests for Everyone Ages 15 To 65, Federal Panel Says

A federal panel of medical experts recommends that everyone between the ages of 15 and 65 should be screened for HIV infection, citing evidence from recent studies showing that early intervention is a vital component to effective treatment.


HIV Vaccine Fails In Medical Trial, NIH Halts The Study

Proponents for the proliferation of HIV vaccines took another hit today, as the National Institute of Health (NIH) have put a halt to an HIV clinical trial because of its ineffectiveness in curing the disease.


At Least 60 Cases of Hepatitis, HIV Confirmed at Tulsa Dentist Office

As if going to the dentist wasn't scary enough already; at least 60 patients of an Oklahoma oral surgeon have been infected with hepatitis C, B, or HIV, state health officials have confirmed.


Wife Killed Over HIV Fear: Arizona Man Stabs Wife, Adult Son Over Fears He Gave Her HIV

In a gruesome show of affection, an Arizona man fatally stabbed his wife and adult son due to fears he had given his wife HIV from prostitutes he had sexual relations with and concern for his son's future.


Breakthrough Reported in Creating Antibodies to Fight HIV/AIDS

A study team led by Barton Haynes, director of the Human Vaccine Institute, has found a way to generate anti-HIV antibodies, which can bolster the body's ability to ward off any related infections.


Can Bee Venom Offer HIV Protection? New Study Suggests That It Might

A new study reveals that a component of bee venom, melittin, might be able to provide protection against the HIV infection, a virus that causes AIDS.

Burger King $1 French Fry Burger

Burger King’s $1 French Fry Burger To Be Served Starting September 1st

It’s official! Your French fries and your burger are getting together. And we mean that literally.


5 Tips For Incredible Facial Skin

Easy steps to sport a beautiful skin.


Mexico Tops International Fat List

The increased incidence of obesity has significantly raised the risk of Mexican's suffering cardiovascular disease, diabetes, degenerative joint diseases and certain types of cancers.

What's Happening
Male Baby Being Circumcised

Male Circumcision Declines In US Over Last Three Decades

A new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released Thursday revealed that fewer newborns are being circumcised in the United States over recent decades.

Myosin: the structural building block of the cell

Cancer Cure News - T100, A Drug That Makes Cancer Cells Self-Destruct

A breaking development by researchers at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Australia, originally published in Cancer Research: a new chemotherapy drug, T100, will begin human testing in 2015 and could fundamentally alter the way cancer is treat. That's because this one targets the structure of cancerous cells, causing them to self-destruct while healthy cells remain intact.

Mexico City Bicycles

Mexico Creates Program Allowing Blind People to Travel Freely on Bicycles

Mexico creates a program that allows blind people to travel freely on bicycles.


UCLA Program Wants to Bring More Latino Doctors to Medically Underserved Areas

The program pays for coursework, test-preparation classes and living expenses, while residents study.


Flavored Cigars Attracting Young Smokers, FDA Warns Tobacco Companies

Cigarette sales went down by a wide margin since the Congress passed a landmark law in 2009, but young smokers are being attracted by flavored cigars, The New York Times reported.


Study Ties Autism to Labor-Inducing Drug, Augmented Labor

A recent Duke University study suggests that autism might be linked with inducing and/or augmented labor for pregnant women.

Premature Baby

53-Year-Old Grandmother Successfully Births Her Own Twin Granddaughters

A 53-year-old has grandmother in Iowa successfully gave birth to her twin granddaughters last month.

Aedes mosquito

Vaccine for Malaria May Have Been Found - Revolutionary?

The quest in finding an effective vaccine against malaria has stumped scientists from all over the world for many years. Recently, results from a research published in the journal Science suggested that the quest is far from over.

Dr. Bryon Harbolt examines patient

Mystery Stomach Bug Symptoms, Treatment & Update: CDC Says Cyclospora Outbreak Leads To Over 285 People Infected In 11 States

A parasite has infected an additional 16 people, raising the stomach bug outbreak number to 285 patients in 11 states, announced the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Thursday.


Smoking Menthols — Going Up in Smoke?

The federal government looks to have taken another step toward banning the sale of menthol cigarettes. The agency's latest data show menthols enhance smoking addictions and make it harder for cigarette users to quit.


Stem Cells Created Without Genetic Manipulation, Researchers Report

The cells involved in the study were left with the ability to assume the characteristic of any other type of cell in the body.


Study Ties Autism to Labor-Inducing Drug, Augmented Labor

A recent Duke University study suggests that autism might be linked with inducing and/or augmented labor for pregnant women.


Diet Sodas Bad For Diets? What's Better?

Researchers at Purdue University say they've found evidence diet sodas not only are not the end-all beverage for those seeking to lose weight, but may in fact be linked to a number of health problems.

Sleeping baby

Study Says 47% of Babies Have Flat Heads

Close to 50% of babies studied have been found to have plagiocephaly, a generally reversible condition that renders a baby’s head slightly flattened, USA Today reported, citing a recently published Pediatrics study.

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