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Harry Potter-Themed Hotel Rooms

Harry Potter Hotel London Room Costs $400/Night; How to Book Reservation?

Since Harry Potter fans got wind of the existence of a Hogwarts-themed hotel, thanks to features made by various British publications, the establishment's site has crashed due to very high demand.

Gaming Companies Highlight Their Latest Products

PS4 Update 2.0 Release Date, Features & Download: How Share Play Works [Watch Here]

Sony will be unveiling its System Update 2.0 to the PlayStation 4 on November 4 which shall be highlighted by the Share Play function, the ability to share a game to a friend via the internet.


How to Use Facebook's New App 'Rooms'

Top online social networking site Facebook has launched a new app that allows iOS users interact anonymously.

E3 Gaming Conference Held In Los Angeles

Xbox One Kinect Adapter Connects Sensor to PC

Microsoft has released an adapter for the Kinect motion sensor to Xbox One that allows it to connect to a PC operating on Windows 8. The company has also launch, along with the adapter, an update to Kinect SDK 2.0.

iPhone 6

How to Fix: iPhone 6 Bending, Battery, & Wi-Fi Problem

Users of the newly released iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have faced several problems. One of the issues raised was that the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus is bending when placed in pockets.

Apple 1

Apple Computer Made at Steve Job's Garage in 1976 Sold For $905,000

Do you want to own a vintage Apple computer and be part of its history and legacy? Then, you really need to start saving now.


Apple iCould Hack in China? Personal Photos & Accounts Hacked by Chinese Government

The Chinese government has allegedly orchestrated a massive cyber attack into the iCloud accounts of its citizens. It seems that China has declared a war with Apple on privacy as the hacking coincided with the launching of the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in the country last week.

Apple's iPad sales have been in decline for the past two quarters.

What you need to know about the latest iPad Air.

Apple geek or not, there's more to the iPad Air 2's slim design that meets the eye.

Microsoft Xbox

Xbox Two Concept Image Leaked: True or Fake? [Poll]

Rumors earlier arose that an Xbox Two would be released anytime soon. These speculations have been supported by a recent video uploaded on YouTube by Soy Antonio Gaming.

Call of Duty: Ghosts

Call of Duty Ghosts News: iOS and Android App Released, Adds Multiplayer Gameplay to Game

The Call of Duty App will add Clan Wars and second screen features to the game.

field trip app

Google Glass Release Date and Price: Is Field Trip Glass's Killer App?

In Field Trip, Google Glass might have found its killer app.

galaxy gear concept

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Release Date in Berlin: Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch Confirmed by Bloomberg Report

A new report confirms that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will be unveiled along with the Samsung Galaxy Gear, the company's new smartwatch accessory.

Google Glass Logo

Google Glass Update: Google Encourages Developers to Get Started on More Applications

Google Glass may be taking some steps towards expanding its range of applications soon. Google has begun encouraging app developers who are currently waiting for the development kit that's specific to Glass to go ahead and start making the apps for Android.

Assassin's Creed Unity

Xbox One Games Release Dates 2014: Legend of Korra, Shadow Warrior, Just Dance 2015 & More!

September may be the busiest month for video games this year, but still, more are coming for the second half of October... and the rest of the year.

AEXA Children

Mexican Children Win Second Place in NASA Robotics Tournament

Three Mexican students ages 12 to 14 won the second place in the 2013 International Air and Space Program (IASP), an annual tournament organized by NASA.

Apple Unveils iPhone 6

Apple Pay Release Date & Features: How to Use it?

Apple's mobile operating payment system will officially roll out on October 20. More than a month before its official launch, hundreds of financial institutions have already signed up with the new system, bares Apple CEO Tim Cook during the company's October 16 event.

Samsung Note 4 vs iPhone 6 Plus

Note 4 vs iPhone 6 Plus: Specs, Price, Features Compared; Which Phablet Is Better?

Fresh off the hands of tech reviewers, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has so far received a fair number of thumbs up, with some gadget pundits even saying that the South Korean tech company's latest release could teach Apple a thing or two about phablets.

Apple iPhone 6

iOS 8 Best Games, Chat & Photo Applications to Download

Downloading the apps for your new iPhone 6 or for your iPad? Here are some of the most downloaded apps on App Store this week you definitely need to check:

Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV Release Date & Top Game Snippets (Photos)

More than eight years after the start of its supposed development, things seem to be moving finally for "Final Fantasy XV" after the Tokyo Game Show 2014 in September.

Minecraft PS Vita Snapshot

'Minecraft' Vita Release Date in the US, UK and Australia

Sony Europe and Sony America have unveiled the digital release dates of "Minecraft" for PS Vita. Mark your calendars!

Apple iPad Event Livestream

Apple Oct 2014 Event - Top 5 Things To Know Beforehand; Schedule, Livestream & Keynote Info

Apple is gearing up for another big event happening on October 16, and it seems the entire tech world is already looking forward to it.

iPhone 6

iPhone 6 Battery Life: Drain Fix Tricks & Tips

Having problems with your iPhone's battery? Many users may attest that iPhone's battery life is among the major flaws of one of the world's famous phones. While users continue to expect a lot from Apple and consider the battery life one of the most important features a smartphone must possess, the company has continuously left the issue hanging.

Facebook Embeds

Social Media Saturday: Facebook Edition - Embeds, Games Publishing, Video Ads

Social Media Saturday: This week in social media was relatively quiet, except for one company: Facebook stole the show. Along with finally converting its entire site to secure HTTP, the company also rolled out embedded posts, moved some Facebook Home features to its main app, and may start rolling out 15-second ads.


Social Media Saturday: Tumblr and Twitter Go After NSFW, and Tumblr Fixes Its iOS Bug

This week in social media Tumblr learned about a huge vulnerability that it subsequently fixed. But it also tried to fix NSFW content, and stirred up a bit of a fuss. Twitter also added a NSFW filter, but that was less controversial.

Android Jelly Bean

Samsung Galaxy S2 Update Release Date: Android 4.3 or Android 4.2, But Most Likely Not Until 2014

Samsung Galaxy S2 owners who were hoping for another Android upgrade might want to sit down for this one: it's going to be a while, possibly forever.


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