Peru Trekking

Peru Passes Animal Protection Law

Peru enacts Animal Protection Law but overlooks bullfights and cockfights.
Peru Summit

Mexican Shaman Predicts Donald Trump Will Lose Elections

Donald Trump, you’re losing – at least according Mexico’s “Great Shaman,” Antonio Vazquez Alba.
Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto

Mexican President Nieto Under Fire For $430 Million Jet

“Palace in the Sky" is a jet that was allegedly left to him as a gift by his predecessor, Felipe Calderon.
Social Media Site Twitter Debuts On The New York Stock Exchange

Politwoops Back on Twitter?! Get to See Politicians' Deleted Tweets Again!

Politwoops is back on Twitter after reaching an agreement with the social media network which banned it four months ago.
Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Des Moines

Gallup poll: Donald Trump ties Pope Francis for second-most admired man in the United States

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton was named most admired woman, a title she has previously won 19 times, dating back to 1993.
Republican Candidates Take Part In Debates At Reagan Library In Simi Valley

This is how Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz will win the independent Latino vote

To win over Latinos, Republicans must acknowledge that immigration isn't their one and only concern.
Democratic Presidential Candidates Hold First Debate In Las Vegas

Democratic Presidential Debate 2015 [Llive Stream, Date & Time] Will Bernie Sanders Take Shots at Hillary Clinton and the DNC? [WATCH]

Bernie Sanders takes the stage Saturday night, hours after taking the Democratic National Committee to court over information his campaign illegally gathered.
Republican Candidates Take Part In Debates At Reagan Library In Simi Valley

Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio continue fight over immigration reform, but who best represents Latinos?

Cruz and Rubio could grab control of undecided Latino voters, but pressure from conservative voters to introduce tough immigration reform bills may hinder their efforts.
Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton’s immigration policy goes beyond President Obama’s plan, but does it have a better chance of success?

Whether the Supreme Court listens to the Obama administration's case for immigration reform may have dire consequences on Hillary Clinton winning the 2016 presidential election.
Hillary Clinton on Combating ISIS and 'Radical Islam'

Hillary Clinton holds big lead over Bernie Sanders in latest Monmouth poll, voters cites economy as top concern

While a similar survey of Republicans found national security their top concern, a poll of Democrats revealed they consider the economy, jobs, and education as more pertinant issues.
Republican Candidates Take Part In Debates At Reagan Library In Simi Valley

Republican Presidential Debate [DEC. 15, 2015] Live Stream, Start Time and Participant List – Will GOP Candidates Fight Donald Trump’s Immigration Policy on Muslims?

How GOP candidates react to Donald Trump's plan of banning Muslims from entering the U.S. may decide who gets to be the Party's nominee.
Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Des Moines

Donald Trump Hits Rival Ted Cruz: ‘I Don't Think He's Qualified to be President’

Donald Trump slams Republican presidential rival Ted Cruz and implied that he has far better judgment than the Texas senator.

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