Our Mission

Latinos Post strives to be the news nexus and community forum for Latino America in the new Millennium. 
Latinos Post delivers U.S. and global breaking news, feature stories, and original content, relevant to the Latino experience, and offers the news from a Latino perspective in English and Spanish, accessible to all Latinos. Through bilingual news, cutting edge journalism, comprehensive coverage and social media interaction, Latinos Post is poised to engage the evolving culture of Latino America.

Our Promise

Latinos Post is a unique online media publication created to serve the entire Hispanic audience with U.S. and global news in English and Spanish to reach multiple generations of Latino Americans, as well as recent immigrants. Our news is accessible to all strata of Latino acculturation, language usage and preferences. This approach enables the sharing of critical news and discussions within bilingual families, households and communities, and meets the needs of the fastest growing segment of English-preferred Latinos. Additionally, the Latinos Post social media platform opens a forum for both community exchanges and brand interactions. Our “news nexus” and “community forum” approaches help to forge relevance in relationships and new connections between the Latinos Post audience and your brand.

Latinos Post is part of the Latin Post Company LLC.