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Goldberg tries to break free from Chuck Palumbo during their bout at the World Chamionship Wrestling ''Thunder Down Under'' night at the Sydney Entertainment Centre, Sydney, Australia. (Photo : Scott Barbour/ALLSPORT)

The WWE is sitting on pins and needles these days as they try to find a way to make Wrestlemania 32 a big success.

Injuries to key WWE stars have made the task harder though. The list includes big names such as John Cena, Seth Rollins, Randy Orton, Sting and Daniel Bryan. Most of the names on that list -- if not all -- could be a big draw so one can imagine how the WWE is cramming right now.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson will be there and so with Stone Cold Steve Austin. However, the two are not expected to take part in any physical matches and are likely to plainly appear and, perhaps, do some spills.

With that said, the WWE may end up hoping that Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns, The Undertaker, Dean Ambrose and, perhaps, even rising star Kevin Owens will suffice. However, somehow, it seems that those names may not be enough.

So, is it time to skim down the line further?

There have been talks of someone from the WWE past who made a brief appearance before – Bill Goldberg.

Goldberg needs no introduction. He was another big name in the WCW days and is someone that the WWE fans would surely want to see. While age may have slowed down the dominant force of before, seeing him back and at Wrestlemania 32 could be a kicker.

Austin believes that Goldberg could be a big boost if the rumors surrounding his possible return do come into fruition. Austin was speaking recently at the Ross Report podcast where he incidentally mentioned that he was 99% sure of being at Wrestlemania 32.

It was here as well that Austin broke down the things that Goldberg could do and he ended that portion by saying it would be something he would look forward to as well.

Goldberg didn’t exactly have a good working relationship with the McMahon when he came on board in 2003-2004. His last match was against Triple H at WWE Armageddon which he lost when ‘Evolution’ stuck their nose in. made mention last month that the WWE and Goldberg are in talks of possibly staging a rematch between the two for Wrestlemania 32. Unfortunately, the site is only by subscription though Forbes did provide some excerpts from that story.

A Lesnar vs. Goldberg battle could be epic only that the last one they had (Wrestlemania 20) didn’t exactly turn out to be one and both ended up leaving the WWE. Could the story be different now?

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