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Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman's capture made headlines all over the world - and so did his interview with Sean Penn for Rolling Stone.

In the video clip that came with the clandestine rendezvous, the drug lord could be seen wearing a blue shirt, which has since taken a life of its own and became a viral phenomenon.

Apparently, some viewers found the clothing an interesting must-have, leading the shirt's maker Barbaras to deal with a sudden surge in the "El Chapo" shirt's sales.

Within days, the Los Angeles-based apparel supplier ran out of the viral clothing, The Huffington Post said. Not to be outdone, other companies took it upon themselves to sell replicas of that shirt with "neo-tribal floral with irregular blue and gray stripe and a psychedelic paisley explosion."

If you're hankering for an El Chapo shirt, you'll find the Collection by Gaia a suitable option.

The company sells a shirt that looks like that worn by the drug kingpin in the interview clip, albeit at just $75. Barabas sold theirs at $128.

"Regular Fit Button Down Men's Shirt is definitely one to wear on a night on the town," the description for the shirt said on the site. "This shirt shows off an amazing Paisley print design filled with bright and vibrant colors that pop right off the shirt."

"The Paisley print design itself is truly abstract and eye-catching," it added. "And finally, the inner cuffs are a solid green color to add contrast to the design."

Further, someone tried to sell the blue top with the stripes on the front for $250 on eBay. However, the offer had already ended as of this writing.

Further, Imperio Wear is selling a replica of the paisley shirt for just $50.

If you're wondering why so many people would want to have the same shirt as El Chapo, wholesale buyer Juventino Romero could probably tell you the reason.

"To put on a shirt that he wore probably makes them feel good, and a lot of people see him for the good and a lot of people for the bad," Romero explained to CNN.

Perhaps some of these people are preparing for Halloween this early, with El Chapo costumes reportedly a hit in Mexico last year.

According to Barabas Premium Apparel, stock of the sold-out item will be replenished by Valentine's Day. Those seeking this clothing will have to wait till then, unless if they're willing to shell out hundreds of bucks for those sold on eBay.


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