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What happens when a Latino wins the massive Powerball jackpot? How would the newfound wealth be spent?

The possibilities are virtually endless - a fact not lost on Latinos seeking for better lives and the fulfillment of their dreams, especially those affected by various challenges, like immigration issues or financial woes. As such, the huge prize has got many fantasizing what they'd do if they won the entire amount.

"I would travel all over the world to see places I haven't been to before, like Ireland and Thailand," enthused paralegal Yesenia Contreras Frazier, who came to the U.S. from El Salvador as a 6-year-old child. "I would pay off my debts and help out my family and friends."

I would also buy this $12 million mansion I saw in Georgetown, and I would also go back to school," she went on, as told to NBC News. "I would go to law school and become an immigration lawyer so I can help more people out."

"I would establish trust funds for my daughter and other children in my extended family, and I would set up my mom and brother for life," replied Cynthia Orosco-Wright, a Mexican-American baker living in Detroit, Michigan. "I would also endow scholarships for Latino kids."

Another said she would have her home thoroughly remodeled and go on a trip with her kids abroad, as well as make donations to children's charities and the church, as well as set up a foundation focused on child hunger.

Another Latino said she would reward herself with plastic surgery and a personal masseuse. And help out her family, as well as others via a foundation.

Based on the sentiments collected by NBC News, it appears helping out others and the church is not far from the Latino's mind. As expected, the family is also included as one of the first beneficiaries of such a lucky endowment.
Interestingly, on top of helping family and others, there also is the desire to "pamper" oneself.

These aspirations naturally reflect the Latino propensity for helping others and also the high value placed on family - things that are deeply embedded in Latino culture and consciousness.

With these being said, could it be that there will be more good (or more beneficiaries) if a Latino wins the jackpot?

If indeed a Latino wins, racist reactions would be inevitable, as shown in the past when a Puerto Rican was named one of the three winners of a $564 million Powerball jackpot in February 2015.

According to Latino Rebels, some social media reactions "were written in language too offensive, or grammatically inept, to print."

On such occasions, one needs to remember who's the new millionaire and simply shake off those reactions with a trip away from the maddening crown and a good dose of good will.

How would you spend $1.5 billion if you won the jackpot?


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