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What do Latinos talk about during dates? And what do they keep out of the discussion table? According to a piece on Latina, it appears that Latinos are quite different than those in the Caucasian population when it comes to what to talk about or hide while dating. However, there are common denominators.

Like cheating history, for example. Some may naturally want to hide this information, if they indeed are guilty of having such a past, of course, from the person they're going out with. However, a Zoosk survey showed that 59% of the respondents said that they want to get the lowdown on their prospective partner's unfaithful tendencies.

In connection with that, some may not want to talk about their exes. However, 69% of the Latino participants in the Zoosk poll said they do want to know all about the other's past relationships.

"Getting the skinny on past relationships can be helpful," Latina noted. "That information can provide a better understanding of relationship patterns and readiness."

However, when it comes to defining the relationship, 70% of the Latinos in the 18-24 age group said they want to know what's the status of their relationship ASAP - as in "after only a few dates." Needless to say, it appears millennial Latinos don't want to waste their time or beat around the bush.

Despite this, only 18% of the Latinos in the said age group said they wanted to know what their partners thought about having babies. This may be explained by the fact that many millennial Latinos put a premium on financial stability and furthering their careers at such a phase in their lives.

Finally, most of those polled revealed they would share information on whether they are seeing other people, even on the first date. Looks like Latinos believe in honesty as the best policy?

Which of these things are you comfortable revealing to your date? Is there any of the above mentioned you don't like to discuss with the one you're seeing right now?

In other updates, it appears the need to know about past relationships or cheating history stems from the view that Latinos are likely to be unfaithful. Although 1.2 million Latinos have signed up for an Ashley Madison account, as noted by Cosmopolitan, they aren't the only kind of men who cheat.

Also, it's possible that a Latina's success in her career may intimidate Latinos, which suggests that income and professional achievement may affect dating prospects and may even dictate preferences. With that being said, do you think it's ok to mention this aspect while in the early stages of dating or keep mum?


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