Motorola And Verizon Hold News Conference

Stagefright: Scary new Android virus turns smartphone into spy camera with one text message; Security News Updates Coming

Hackers can copy personal information simply by sending a video to an Android's Hangout app, which does not have to be opened to activate the Stagefright virus.
Bay Area Vector Control Team Investigates West Nile Mosquito Presence

West Nile Virus: Signs, Symptoms, Causes, Everything You Need To Know Here

West NIle Virus is a deadly virus, find out some helpful preventive measures here!
MacBook with Apple Inc.'s OS X Mavericks

OS X Flaw Renders More than 17,000 Apple Computers Hacked

Criminals have found a flaw in the OS X and they're using it to hack into more than 17,000 infected Macs worldwide. Malware experts do not see any attack just yet, believing that hackers are still building their network at this stage.

Vial of Deadly Virus Missing from Texas University Campus

A vial containing a potentially deadly strain of Guanarito virus, which can infect rodents and then be transferred to humans, has disappeared from a laboratory at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston.

Deadly CRE Superbug Spreads, CDC Issues Nationwide Warning

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has sent a nationwide warning about the rise of an untreated superbug that is spreading across clinics around the country.

CDC: Flu Vaccine 'Effectiveness' Fails for Elderly

Before every flu season, millions of flu shots are administered to the elderly taking the necessary precautions to avoid catching the virus. But the latest findings by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say that vaccinations aren't helping elderly patients as much as in the past.

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