Sesame Street/HBO Event At The New York Public Library

Meet Nina, the Young Latina Who Recently Joined 'Sesame Street'

Suki Lopez, who is goes by "Nina" on Sesame Street, joins the furry gang in its 46th season.
Mobile Health Unit Visits Suburban Chicago

More Hispanic Children Get Insured

The number of uninsured hispanic children hits an all-time low, according to a study by Georgetown University.
Transportation Sec'y Foxx Endorses Hillary Clinton At Iowa Campaign Event

Can Hillary Clinton Win the Hearts of Latinos?

While Bill Clinton enjoyed popularity among the Latinos during his campaign, the optimism may have slumped in Hillary's case.
Job Seekers Attend Employment Fair

US Hispanic Unemployment Rate Declines to 6.3%

The U.S. economy continues to be strong with more jobs being added despite foreign economic turmoil. Along with this, the unemployment rate of Hispanic workers in U.S has also slightly decreased.
Hispanic Parents Be Like...

Hispanic Parents Be Like...

Hispanic Parents Be Like...
Gloria Estefan and Emilio Estefan at Keep Memory Alive's 19th Annual 'Power Of Love' Gala Honors

Emilio Estefan Has Made A Song Called "We're All Mexican" to Unite The Hispanic Community

Emilio Estefan has released a star-studded tribute to the Hispanic community called "We're All Mexican."
What's the Difference Between Hispanic, Latino, and Spanish?

What's the Difference Between Hispanic, Latino, and Spanish?

What's the Difference Between Hispanic, Latino, and Spanish?
United Nations Hosts World Leaders For Annual General Assembly

Latin Americans Siding Nicolas Maduro

Maduro released a statement revealing that he may travel to Washington to challenge Obama on the legality of the decree.
Victoria's Secret

Two Hispanic Women Are Detained With A Dead Baby In Victoria's Secret Store In New York

Two 17-year-old teenagers were detained on Thursday, October 17 when a security officer of a New York boutique suspected that the teenagers had stolen something and when he checked them, he discovered one of the was carrying a dead baby in a bag.
Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria in US Politics: Sets Conditions to Vote for Latino Presidential Candidate in 2016

Actress Eva Longoria holds on to her conviction to enter the political world of the US, but hesitates to vote for a Latino President.
Children In Poverty

Hispanic Children Face Harsher Conditions Than the Children of Other Immigrants

The children of Hispanic immigrants in the United States live in greater poverty, are less likely to be in good health and have lower levels of enrollment in school compared to the children of Asian immigrants, or those of black or white families, according to a recent report by the Foundation for Child Development.
Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez Talks About New Latino Channel NUVOtv [Video]

In a new interview released on NUVOtv's Youtube channel, Jennifer Lopez, who acts as the channel's creative director, spoke of the new programming designed specifically for Latino audiences in the United States.

A Latina in Disguise: My Experience as the Product of a Mixed Marriage

As far as the "Latina" experience is concerned: I was thinking of writing a piece about how hispanics and non-hispanics interact with me without even suspecting that I am half Puerto Rican. Examples include the people who are closest to me and yet seem to forget that I'm Latina due to my physical experience. I feel like others could relate to this interesting phenomenon.
Fandango Cine

Fandango Partners With Telemundo To Create Fandango Cine and Provide Better Movie Experience For Latinos

Fandango partnered with Telemundo to provide a better experience for Latinos which will be called Fandango Cine.
Carlos Vives

Carlos Vives' Concert in Miami Will Open Univision's H2O Concert Series

A few lucky winners will see Carlos Vives in a private and exclusive performance in Miami this Wednesday as a part of Univision's H2O Concert Series.

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