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El Chapo is El Romantico too?

Previously, it was reported that drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman was more eager to meet Mexican actress Kate del Castillo than Hollywood star Sean Penn. Now, we get more information on the reason behind that, other than the fact that Castillo starred in a TV series that had her playing pretty much a female El Chapo. And also the obvious fact that the actress looks easy on the eyes.

"The transcripts published Wednesday by the newspaper Milenio - and confirmed as authentic by a federal official - showed that Guzman was less interested in making a movie about his life than he was in flirting with the actress," Mashable said.

Apparently, the drug kingpin was so into her he let her talk him into allowing Penn to interview him.

One of the officials said that Guzman may have "had an obsessive interest in her," even calling her "hermosa," which is Spanish for "beautiful."

The official also revealed that the drug lord sent many texts to the actress, with many of them expressing "admiration and a longing for the next meeting, more than concern about the purported movie project."

"I'll tell you, I am more excited about you than the (movie) script," one Guzman text read. ''I'll take care of you," another said.

"I will take care of you more than I do my own eyes," another line from one of his texts said, as noted by Slate.

Indeed, even while running from the law, Guzman was not against letting his inner Romeo out.

Further along their communication, Guzman had said "I love you" to the actress, which she did not reciprocate immediately. Rather, Del Castillo opted to focus on her excitement about meeting him in person.

"Good afternoon, how's the best woman in the world, the smartest one, whom I admire greatly?" another El Chapo text went, to which the actress replied by calling him "my beautiful friend."

"Thank you, my friend, for your well wishes. Your friend loves you. Bye," El Chapo replied.

Del Castillo countered this with, "I love my friend, bye."

There were other text exchanges later on that talked about Guzman wanting the actress to meet his mom, and also her favorite food. However, Del Castillo later warned the drug lord that she was being surveilled, resulting in the end of their text communications in early November last year. The texting began around late September in 2015.

Officials said that Guzman's obsession with the actress led to his capture. His desire to see her, coupled with the increased pressure by the military on his territory, had made him ditch his mountain hideout and settle in a safe house in Los Mochis, which was already put under surveillance even before the former fugitive arrived.

Sounds like a Samson and Delilah scenario. It could probably be said that a woman ultimately led to his downfall. What do you think?


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