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Nearly 2 months after actor Charlie Sheen confirmed he indeed has HIV, he revealed he had tried out alternative treatment in Mexico via Samir Chachoua. But not before going off his usual medications.

"I've been off my meds for about a week now," Sheen was quoted by Fox News Latino as saying during a TV show appearance. "Am I risking my life? Sure. So what? I was born dead. That part of it doesn't phase me at all."

Previously, the former "Three and a Half Men" star said he never missed a treatment. With this recent revelation, the actor may have sparked some alarm among medical professionals and HIV advocates.

Now, the question is whether the risk paid off.

"I'm a little off my game because right before I walked out here, I got some results I was disappointed about," he went on to say in the same TV appearance, as noted by CBS News. "I had been non-detectable, non-detectable and checking the blood every week and then found out the numbers are back up."

In short, the alternative medication was not working.

Apparently, Chachoua's overwhelming confidence in the treatment was misplaced. It is also worth noting that he does not have the license to practice in the U.S.

Sheen, however, said that early in the treatment, there were "some incredible results." It appears that it didn't last.

In the wake of the failed attempt, Sheen has reportedly gone back to the medications originally prescribed to him to keep the disease under control. Not even Chachoua's act of injecting himself with Sheen's blood kept the actor from ditching the alternative regimen - an act Sheen called "inappropriate and completely mind-blowing," as noted by

Sheen explained that trying out Chachoua's method was not a case of Russian Roulette for him.

"I didn't see it as a complete dismissal of the conventional course that we had been on," he said. "I'm not recommending that anybody else do this. I'm presenting myself as some kind of a guinea pig."

Considering the results, it appears that Chachoua's treatment is no better than that prescribed by medical professionals.

Meanwhile, Sheen's physician Dr. Robert Huizenga had pleaded that the actor return to his usual medications. As confirmed by Sheen's manager Mark Burg, the actor did take them again right after the TV show revelation. Burg also said that Sheen's numbers now "are back to undetectable," according to USA Today.

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