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There are claims that the world’s oldest man hails from Brazil. The 131-year-old was found in the northern region of the country recently.

The Guinness Book of Records acknowledges that Yasutaro Koide from Japan is currently the oldest person alive, at 112 years old. Jeanne Calment from France is the world record-holder for having lived the longest at 122 years old. She died in 1997.

Social security workers in Acre in Brazil are currently claiming that OAP Joao Coelho de Souza is the oldest man alive. The civil servants shared photos of de Souza with his alleged birth certificate, dated Mar. 10, 1884. The document presented that he was born in Meruoca in Ceara. He moved to Acre when he was 11. He is reportedly still alive and eligible for pension, Express revealed.

According to local newspapers, de Souza has a wife, 62, three children, and one granddaughter, 16. He reportedly lived in Estirao do Alcantara, a village near SenaMadureira in Acre. His daughter, Cirlene, was said to have been born when Joao was 101 years old.

Cirlene said in the same Express report that Joao has been with his wife for over 40 years. The responses to her father’s age have been mixed, with some believing and appreciating his longevity and others casting doubt on the real figures. She added that experts already examined the documents and found that these were authentic.

Cirlene said that Joao had a stroke six years before, but seemed to have recovered since. His diet generally consists of fish, meat and rice.

A son also said that Joao is very lucid and can still share his experiences.

Daily Mail stated that Kennedy Afonso, a social security worker, shared photos of de Souza and his birth certificate. He was surprised that no one has interviewed the man yet because of his age.

'I appeal to the state government and the local government in SenaMadureira to determine with the competent bodies whether this is true so they can claim a place in the Guinness Book of Records for the oldest man on the earth. And he's from our region,” Afonso wrote.

The Sun stated that if his documents are certified true and accurate, Joao would break the records previously set by Yasutaro Koide and Jeanne Calment. Guinness World Records has not yet responded to the claims so the declaration is not yet official. More updates and details about de Souza are expected soon.

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