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Can you ever do a healthy diet with tacos? If Jennifer Aniston - known for her healthy ways and super buff bod - is excited about it, perhaps it's something worth biting into.

Previously, the actress gushed that she's "riveted" by the Taco Cleanse.

"I can see that being something," she declared in an interview with Yahoo! Food. "Isn't the corn tortilla, like, not that good for you?"

"And what about the cheese?" she queried further. "I already ordered the book on Amazon."

So, what's all this fuss for one of 2016's first diet fads?

Apparently, contrary to how its name sounds, the Taco Cleanse is the product of years of research by "taco scientists" in Texas. They tested the regimen for 30 days and put together about 75 recipes for "The Taco Cleanse" cookbook.

"It also has tips on how to prepare for it (carry your own corn or flour tortillas to concerts) and has a Q&A that answers pressing taco questions like 'My grandma was confused and made me a burrito. I don't want to hurt her feelings; what do I do?'" Today said, noting the tongue-in-cheek approach of the cookbook's writers.

Further, it gives tips on what to order at fast food restaurants, like Chipotle or Taco Bell, so you continue to stay on the healthy path.

However, it's worth noting that this regimen is not designed for weight loss efforts. Rather, it's been created with an eye towards a clean lifestyle that allows you to get more energy.

"Indulging in a breakfast taco has been 'anecdotally proven to erase the ill effects of the previous night's toxic indulgence,' while a midday taco 'frequently results in more positive physical effects,'" Marie Claire UK noted the cookbook authors as saying. "The authors also claim that consuming a spicy taco can 'stimulate the nocturnal imagination and has been used by taco spiritualists to induce prophetic dreams.'"

Perhaps the authors are also adding fun to the equation with such quirky statements?

Finally, it must be said that the Taco Cleanse is a 100% vegan regimen.

"That means carnitas, barbacoa, seafood and cheese are out," Today pointed out. "But you can have as many tacos as you like."

Well, if you're doing the whole cleanse, you'll be eating a lot, as the Taco Cleanse requires eating tacos for 30 days - at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

As it turns out, it appears many are interested in the new diet fad, as the book is currently out of stock on Amazon. Will you be trying the Taco Cleanse yourself?


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