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El Chapo has become a trendsetter.

The El Chapo craze hasn't stopped. Now, people even want to dress like him.

Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán's recapture in a Los Mochis raid last week ended in the dramatic death of five of the drug kingpin's men and the Mexican marines arresting six others.

El Chapo's capture last week made headlines. It's continuing to make headlines still, but there's one other thing that has caught the attention of the masses. Aside from El Chapo being a powerful druglord, his shirts are the bomb.

Apparently, the new trend in town is El Chapo's silky clubwear shirts. The psychedelic shirts aren't sold to just a couple of people, too. The shirts are actually selling like pancakes.

It seems that despite lack of effort, El Chapo is making big business while out of prison, as sales of his loud, flamboyant shirt are through the roof.

The El Chapo clubwear shirts were put on the spotlight when Rolling Stone published Sean Penn and Mexican actress Kate del Castillo's joint effort meeting/interview with the druglord. The interview took place in October 2015 - three months following his escape from an Altiplano maximum-security prison. The magazine published Penn's write-up the day following his recapture.

El Chapo's shirts drew the attention of the internet when Penn shared new images of El Chapo wearing the "Fantasy" shirts after the meeting and then the interview.

According to TMZ, Los Angeles-based fashion store Barabas Men decided to cash in on the El Chapo craze since two shirts that the druglord wore had been from the brand. TMZ's I.T. guy reportedly recognized the Barabas shirts after seeing them on Penn's Rolling Stone article.

According to Sopitas, Barabas Men did not have qualms proudly advertising their shirts on their Facebook page, where they feature photos of El Chapo wearing their fashion.

Sold each at $128, the two psychedelic clubwear shirts are both selling well, and business has since been booming for Barabas Men. In fact, TMZ says that their website has crashed at one point due to the number of customers checking the site.

According to the store manager, they have also decided to feature a photo of El Chapo on their website.

Currently, Barabas Men is offering one free Chapo shirt for a winning follower.


Posted by Barabas Men on Monday, January 11, 2016

According to Remezcla, it's not the first time that people noticed El Chapo's fashionable wear. During his recapture, the drug lord was seen wearing a white tank top, which people on Twitter didn't fail to comment on.

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