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'Back to the Learning Hall' - When Thor is tricked into returning to Asgard, he and the Avengers discover they must defeat Loki and prevent Earth and Asgard from crashing into one another and foil Loki's plan to escape Valhalla and seek revenge on his brother. (Photo : Disney XD via Getty Images)

A new version of Marvel’s Falcon has been featured. The “All-New, All-Different Falcon” happens to be Latino with fully functional wings.

ComicBookResources reported that the new Falcon actually debuted in “Captain America: Sam Wilson #3” in November 2015, even though “Captain America: Sam Wilson #5” by Nick Spencer and Paul Renaud cited the later issue as the birth of the all-new character.

One scene reintroduces Claire Temple from “Daredevil” and “Jessica Jones” to the Marvel Universe, and showed Joaquin Torres, a man with real falcon attributes, being more comfortable with his new life, The Mary Sue revealed. Previously, Torres was featured to be struggling with his transformation. When he subsequently realized that his wings gave him the ability to fly, he seemed to have accepted the changes. The last page of December 2015 issue hinted that the new Falcon will debut in the following month.

Based on a ComicBookResources report, Sam Wilson was the original Falcon and Captain America’s partner. In 2014, Wilson had to take on the role of Captain America after Steve Rogers ran out of the Super-Soldier Serum, causing him to age quickly and be placed in a minor role. As a result, Falcon was absent for a while. Torres was featured asking whether the Avengers were looking for new members, which gave the impression that he will become the next Falcon.

Io9 wrote that Torres had a role throughout the series by Nick Spencer and Daniel Acuna, since “Sam Wilson: Captain America” relaunched in Marvel’s “All-New, All-Different” lineup. The Latin-America tried to help people move into the United States before he was captured by a group of racists. The thugs managed to subdue Torres and he was later tested on by the mad scientist Karl Malus. He was transformed into a genetically altered mix between a falcon and a human being. Torres gained vampiric falcon wings and claws as well as regenerative healing abilities after the experiment, and he was placed under the care of Sam Wilson and Misty Knight.

Torres appears to be ready to take on his new role as superhero and carry on Sam’s former role as Falcon in “Sam Wilson: Captain America #5.” Marvel already provided a preview of the issue, showing Torres in his new Falcon suit. With Torres being the new Falcon, Wilson will apparently remain as Captain America for some time.

More updates and details on the all-new Falcon and Captain America are expected soon.

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