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A Dunkin' Donuts employee displays a fresh tray of 'croissant doughnuts' on November 3, 2014 in New York City. (Photo : Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

This is a temptation you can't resist, err...sort of.

A new donut is in town, and it's a very expensive one. Perhaps rightly so because this donut is covered in 24k gold flakes.

Sounds yummy? Maybe yes if you have $100 to spare.

The gold-covered donut is created by Brooklyn-based shop Manila Social Club.

The Filipino restaurant is slowly making a name for itself for its unique lilac hand-crafted ube creations since it opened in April, according to TIME.

Ube is made from the vegetable "ube," which is a kind of purple yam common in the Philippines and has been part of the tropical country's cuisine.

The Golden Cristal Ube Donut - a jelly-filled, Cristal champagne-slathered, 24-karat gold-topped masterpiece - was debuted by the restaurant last week via Instagram.

According to Mashable, the Manila Social Club already has a cult following on the social media network due to its unconventional and expensive donut creations. Among these weird delights is the Ube Bae Donut, crafted with the Philippine's favorite purple yams. The lilac-colored sweets will set you back a full $40 for a dozen.

According to the restaurant's spokesman, the gold-covered donut started as a "tongue-in-cheek thing" due to their love of donuts and champagne. They created the treat just for friends, but when photos of the donut became popular, they got a lot of orders.

In an interview with First We Feast, owner and restaurateur Björn DelaCruz said that making the gold-covered donut hadn't been planned at all. He said the outcome took place naturally. You can even call it an accident.

"The reason I chose Cristal over other types of champagne is because Cristal has really great honey notes which go great with Ube (purple yams)," he explained. "For me, it's shiny and it's golden, but it comes together to create a really great doughnut, as crazy as that sounds. There was a time when I was eating this doughnut while drinking Cristal, and I was like, 'Oh, this is a great combo!'"

"I didn't know people would go and order a dozen [of these] at a time," he said. "But then again, it is New York, and there are people willing to put down a grand for a dozen doughnuts," he added.

Apparently, the golden donut was part of the restaurant's holiday menu, but due to insistent customer demand, DelaCruz said he added the delightful treat to their regular menu instead.

Check out the gold-covered delight in their Instagram post here.

Wondering how much gold your stomach can take? Check out the video below.

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