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The upcoming episode of CBS' "How I Met Your Mother" promises to be full of laughs this Monday.

In the next episode, Barney devises a plan to reunite his parents after his father arrives at a hotel that makes Robin very nervous according to the episode synopsis, reports Fashion & Style. In the meantime, Ted is convinced someone framed him by purposely ruining a wedding-related duty.

The trailer for the episode, which is entitled "Mom and Dad," shows Barney is desperate to reunite his estranged parents.

"My mom and dad are getting back together again," Barney says in one clip.

"They're totally in love, I know, it's amazing, I'm walking on air, my family's going to be whole again!" he says in another.

In another scene, Barney dumps a bucket of water on his mom and dad as part of a scheme to get them to undress. "Just disrobe and send up those wet clothes," he tells his parents. However, the rest of the gang is not convinced about Barney's plan.

And for those of you wondering, TV Line reports that the Mother on "How I Met Your Mother" may continue to resurface on more than one episode.

Now in its ninth and final season, "How I Met Your Mother" is a comedy series about Ted and his love life, and is narrated through flashbacks from the future. This season takes place over the course of Barney and Robin's wedding weekend, right before the lives of the gang change dramatically. Ted is about to move to Chicago, Marshall and Lily are about to move to Rome, and Robin and Barney are about to become husband and wife.

Watch the trailer below and don't forget to tune in Nov. 18 at 8 p.m. on CBS.

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