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The Xbox One's Home Screen

A leaked video game offered viewers a brief glimpse of what the Xbox One's dashboard will be like before it was taken down. However, the leak has gained a life of it's own after a report from The Verge helped it spread like wildfire.

The leak gives gamers a chance to check out the Xbox One's dashboard before it is released on Nov. 22. Originally leaked by a Youtube user named Jackson Carter, the video has since been reuploaded several times, and can be viewed right here as well as in the video below.

The dashboard appears to be a beta program, one that is only supposed to be available to internal Xbox employees. The leaked video shows off the Windows 8 style dashboard of the Xbox One, with the various titles available on the homepage for users to browse. Users can pin their favorite apps and games to the homepage, allowing them to start their most popular apps without sorting through menus. The different titles on the dashboard will be different sizes for a unique aesthetic, and Games, Movies & TV, Music, and Apps get their own card section on the dashboard. Users can access various apps such as Internet Explorer, Skype, and Xbox Music on the dashboard for quick access. Of course, the original user who uploaded the video noted that this beta form of the dashboard was very buggy, but Microsoft will have plenty of time to iron out these kinks before the Xbox One is released worldwide.

Microsoft previously showed off a version of the Xbox One's dashboard to the public during the Xbox One's reveal event back in May, and at Gamescom in August Microsoft showed off the dashboard to journalists in a private event. The Xbox One can have six different profiles signed on at once, allowing users to juggle individual commands on the dashboard through the voice commands picked up by the Kinect. The Kinect can pick up on each user's voice, meaning that each player can change their settings on the fly. Users can also pin specific friends onto the dashboard.

Look out for more Xbox One news as the console draws closer and closer to its release date in November.

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